Christian: Are You Paying Attention?

A good friend of mine shared this quote by the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon. I wanted to share it with you because if the saints of God ever needed to be discerning, it is now! Satan is very busy….in Christendom deceiving those who call themselves Christian.

The Lord warned His disciples that many false prophets will come and DECEIVE MANY, also that many would come in His name and DECEIVE MANY.  This “many” does not just refer to human beings coming in His name, but also evil spirits.  Through certain prayer practices, meditation, yoga, etc. they will come and identify themselves as “Jesus” or the “Christ” to the naïve or deceived, spewing heresy as they work their counterfeit.

The Lord also warned that “wolves” would come in sheep’s clothing and DEVOUR THE FLOCK, that satan would appear as an angel of light to DECEIVE MANY.

Through the biblical writings of the early Apostles He warned us not to be “asleep” in the “light”.  Don’t be wooed into spiritual “sleep” by the things of the world and the love of the world.

Be paying attention to yourself, your conduct, your spiritual disciplines and what the people, who are spiritually feeding you, are saying and doing, as well as who you are fellowshipping with.

Peter told us “sufficient is the time, that you have run around with your old running mates”.  Now is the time to get serious about the things of Faith and following our Lord, not our old worldly ways.

Are you paying attention? Much is at stake.

May God the Father richly bless each one of you!


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