Thou art Coming

“Thou art coming, O our Saviour!
  Coming, God’s anointed King!
Every tongue Thy Name confessing,
  Well may we rejoice and sing.
Thou art coming! Rays of glory
  Through the veil Thy death has rent,
Gladden now our pilgrim pathway,
  Glory from Thy presence sent.
”Thou art coming! Thou art coming!
  We shall meet Thee on Thy way;
Thou art coming! We shall see Thee,
  And be like Thee on that day.
Thou art coming! Thou art coming!
  Jesus, our beloved Lord; 
Oh, the joy to see Thee reigning,
  Worshipped, glorified, adored!
”Thou art coming! Not a shadow,
  Not a mist, and not a tear,
Not a sin, and not a sorrow,
  On that sunrise grand and clear,
Thou are coming! Blessed Saviour,
  Nothing else seems worth a thought:
Oh, how marvelous the glory,
  And the bliss Thy pain hath bought.
”Thou are coming! We are waiting 
  With a ‘hope’ that cannot fail,
Asking not the day or hour,
  Anchored safe within the veil.
”Thou are coming! At Thy table
  We are witnesses of this,
As we meet Thee in communion,
  Earnest of our coming bliss.”

Frances Havergal

In The Heavenlies [Ephesians Bible Study] --H.A. Ironside, LITT.D

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