Roses Among 1000 Thorns

Crown of Thorns and red Rose. Shallow DOF

When a pastor shared the gospel with a Nepali family, they eagerly placed their faith in Christ and began attending church regularly, walking eight miles each way to attend. But when the owner of the land they leased learned of their newfound faith in Christ, he kicked them off the land. As an extremely poor family struggling to survive, they had leased the land both to live on and to farm, giving half their crops to their landlord in payment. In addition to being evicted from the land, they were denied access to the village water tap.

VOM helped the family with the construction of a water well, and, though isolated and rejected, their faith has blossomed and grown. “The Christian life is like a rose that blooms and spreads aroma in the midst of a thousand thorns,” the family told their pastor. Pray for this family.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs

Author: carljohnsonsite

Happily married born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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