Separation and Character

“It seemed clear to me from the teaching of the Bible that Christ’s people should be separate from the world in everything which denoted character and that they should not only be separate but appear so.”

― Catherine Booth (17 January 1829 – 4 October 1890, co-founder of The Salvation Army, along with her husband William Booth.

Author: carljohnsonsite

Happily married born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “Separation and Character”

  1. The world is full overfull of sin and deceit and wickednesses and all sorts of evil, growing very much worse than ever before. Note that Nee Noted This a Century Ago likewise.
    Note that in Galatians, It Is Written, (And Stands): All Society Is Pernicious (death dealing). The air, the fabric, the essence of all the world is wicked thru and thru, from the core, out, everywhere.

    The Creator is “EK”, His People are “EK”-klesia. i.e. Holy, Set Apart, from Society, from kosmos, from the world.


  2. Notice the visual differences in those who live bold or not, plain orthodox or not, dressed as always for centuries, not ostentatioiusly , not to draw attention to themselves – all dressed alike, totally modestly, no skin exposed to atract sinfully nor to distract sinfully. Seeking such, set apart folk, Ekklesia abiding in Jesus, Following Jesus Daily. jdotelohimat yahoodotcom.


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