“Throw A Little Sugar On It.”

I once hired the grandson of a local evangelist to work in the department I managed. I was a new Christian and enjoyed the tales about his grandfather’s ministry.  Later I had an opportunity to visit with the retired evangelist and hear more stories. One was about a revival where he was preaching hard about sin and the need for people to get right with God. Suddenly, one of the evangelist’s friends begins to shout out, “Throw a little sugar on it. Throw a little sugar on it.” In other words, lighten up and give the saints some encouragement.

I share this because we have been studying the Book of Jude and false teachers, for some time. Not necessarily the lightest or most positive subject matter. One of my friends who reads the blog once told me, “It is not light reading.” Therefore, I thought we would “throw a little sugar on it” and post some lighter, interesting fare for awhile, before returning to Jude. Following is the first of such blogs. I pray you find it interesting and edifying.


The Sumerians are thought to be the earliest civilization along with Egypt and Indus Valley. Their kingdom, Sumer, was located in southern Iraq in the Tigris and Euphrates River valleys. They invented cuneiform writing. Cuneiform writing used clay tablets as the medium with wedged shaped “letters” pressed into the clay.

Around 1900, archeologists found the ancient library in the temple ruins of Nippur, an ancient Sumerian city. On a clay tablet, they found what has come to be known as The Sumerian King’s List. The interpretation of the tablet was first published in 1906.

Of interest to Christians, is the fact the clay tablet lists kings, duration of reign and where the official location of the kingship was BEFORE NOAH’S FLOOD and AFTER NOAH’S FLOOD. It uses the term “The Flood swept thereover.”

Thus, we have proof  from what is thought to be the most ancient of Mesopotamian civilizations, bearing witness to Noah’s Flood.  If you would like to read more about this archeological find, please click here.  You may want to scroll past the abstract to the introduction.

Do you believe in Noah’s Flood as recorded in Genesis?  The Lord Jesus did.

You can trust God’s word. May He richly bless you as you live for Him.


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Happily married born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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